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Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 in Industry News | 0 comments

Need More Customers? Start Working with an NJ Website Design Company!

Small business owners in New Jersey are getting more optimistic about their future. New Jersey 101.5 FM recently discussed the third quarter survey carried out by Wells Fargo Business Banking, saying that the state’s Small Business Index score rose to a positive 49 in July; two points higher than in April. Jane Navarria, Wells Fargo bank manager for New Jersey, can attest to this improvement because business owners find it easier to obtain credit, although the survey also highlighted other issues that small businesses still encounter:

The survey also found the number one concern among small business owners is attracting customers.  They also have concerns about government regulations.

Another finding was that businesses are increasingly using technology in different ways.

“They’re using mobile, working from their personal computers, from tablets.  Businesses really are adopting social media practices.  Companies are increasingly trying to market and promote their businesses – build their online reputations, even advertising,” Navarria said.

In this day and age, the Internet is the best medium that small businesses can use to attract customers. It is also the most practical choice, particularly in New Jersey because at least 87.8 percent of the state’s population are using this technology right now. However, internet marketing requires a lot of time and technical knowhow to pull off; things that small businesses usually don’t have in abundance. Luckily for them, companies like East Coast Mobile Apps can provide them with the latest in search engine optimization and website design in NJ; the foundation for all internet marketing campaigns today.

growing optimism among nj small business owners

Web design is important for marketing because it influences how online users spend their time on a particular website. If a site is designed to be attractive and convenient to use, then people are more likely to stay on the site rather than browse elsewhere. The term ‘web design’ actually covers everything from text fonts and layout, to formatting and mobile-friendliness. The latter is an especially important factor to consider, given that 40 percent of all online users in the world access the Internet through their mobile phones.

Search engine optimization or SEO, meanwhile, is a lot more complicated because it aims to improve a particular website’s standing with search engines like Google. To do this, a company that specializes in search engine optimization in NJ must modify the website’s contents to become more original, informative, and relevant. The modification is done to both the written content and the coding, something that requires deeper familiarization with how websites work.

Fortunately, internet marketing companies that provide these services aren’t hard to find. With SEO and proper web design, small businesses in New Jersey will even have more reasons to be optimistic about their future.

(Source: Growing optimism among NJ small business owners, New Jersey 101.5 FM, August 18, 2014)

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